International Conference

The aim of the conference:

to diagnose the current situation of NATO’s easter flank, based on the example of the Lublin voivodeship (mainly Chełm district), to determine the most important military and non-military threats and to indicate ways of countering them with the cooperation of the Polish Armed Forces, Border Guard, Police and other services.

The detaied aims of the conference:

  1. Analysis of military security of NATO’s eastern flank.
  2. Identification of 21st century non-military threats constituting a premise for non-kinetic aggression.
  3. Identification of key hybrid threats.
  4. The essence of subliminal activities of the hypothetical aggressor in the border area.
  5. Identification of hybrid threat scenarios.
  6. Characteristics of the problem of refugees from war zones in the border area.
  7. The essence of air border protection.
  8. Defining new tasks for the Border Guard in the context of the war in Ukraine.
  9. The essence of cooperation between the Polish Armed Forces and the Border Guard in the context of the protection and defense of the border.
  10. Indication of the need to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank (Lubelskie Voivodeship) with the alliance troops.
  11. Defining the importance of NATO and the EU for the security of the eastern border with Ukraine.
  12. Indication of the importance of border crime in the context of internal security.